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The resources available for aspiring coaches are limited in scope or confusing.  It’s frustrating – we know.  We are Dana, H and Micah and we’ve spent the last two years capturing what we’ve heard and learned from coaches.  Our consensus, there is no playbook or community to support leaders who coach or new coaches.

That's why we're building what we craved when we launched our coaching practices. The good news? Our Coaching Exchange Community is now on Facebook. This is your go-to place for learning, growing, and enhancing your coaching practice. As members of this group, you will be the first to hear about new resources, content, and opportunities. Connect, share, and empower each other in this enriching journey of coaching.

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 “The Coaching Exchange has truly been a game-changer for me. By learning from three different experts in their respective areas of coaching, I’ve not only gained valuable tools and services, but also the confidence to grow my business.  The personalized attention and expertise I’ve received have been invaluable.  I highly recommend The Coaching Exchange to anyone looking to take their coaching practice to the next level.” - Edie R. 

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Meet The Coaches

Dana Williams 

Dana is a champion of transforming your life through purpose. 

Dana’s expertise ranges from strategic marketing advisor, Gallup-CertifiedStrengths® Coach, leadership development facilitator, and founder. 

Dana’s industry experience comes from her 25 years at Southwest Airlines in leadership, operations, brand marketing, and CliftonStrengths® coaching. In this role, Dana led teams through everything from acquisitions to launching talent development programs. 

Dana has a passion for guiding people to impact the world by focusing on their unique talents, which led her to create Dana Williams Co, a consulting company that exists to  help leaders transform their lives from the inside out. She is also the creator of The Strengths Journal™, the only Gallup-certified daily planning journal that helps individuals  live in their strengths, transform their life and  dominate their day.

Fun Facts:  Dana is one of a triad family of entrepreneurs with both her Mother, husband and daughter having successful startups. In her free time, she and her husband facilitate small groups for married couples, hang out with family and friends, and plan trips to travel the world in search of the best beaches.

Dana's top 5  CliftonStrengths®

Ideation, Strategic, Futuristic, Maximizer, Individualization

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Micah Lorenc 

Micah is the owner of Tailored Consulting - a company that specializes in leadership and team development training, coaching, and consulting. We use the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) assessment as a foundational tool in our work to help leaders improve productivity, communication, retention, job satisfaction, and engagement on their teams.

Micah is an ICF Certified Coach, a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, and an expert facilitator. He has many years of experience facilitating and coaching at a Fortune 100 company, and he thoroughly enjoys delivering workshops and keynote presentations. 
In January 2023, Tailored Consulting launched CultureLab, a hiring fit test that helps both candidates and companies determine whether a candidate is likely to thrive in the working environment of the hiring company. Give it a try for free at

Fun Facts:  After 12 years in Texas, Micah recently moved home to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He loves playing and watching sports, traveling with his wife and three kids, and woodworking. In 2019, Micah and his wife planned and executed a two-month trip to Europe with their kids. 

Micah's Top 5 CliftonStrengths®:

Communication, Maximizer, Woo, Positivity, Activator 

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H. Muir

H. is the proprietor of Liftshop – a consulting, training, and facilitation business focused on brands, teams, and organizational leadership. Liftshop facilitates custom workshops that deliver strategic plans, brand strategies; high performance teams and organizational development.

Liftshop’s clients include, Barilla Pasta, Case-New Holland, Carmex, Char-Broil, Darden Restaurants, Kashi, Kimberly-Clark, Lamplight (Tiki Torch), Mars, MillerCoors, NUUN, PayPal, Quaker-Pepsico, Samsung, S.C. Johnson, and Target.

Before H. began Liftshop, he was head of Learning and Development for MillerCoors at their Chicago corporate headquarters. Prior to joining Miller, H. spent 10 years at S.C. Johnson, where he started S.C. Johnson’s marketing curriculums - developing and training the curriculums across the globe.

Fun Facts: H. enjoys traveling and exploring cultures. In his free time he golfs and takes in new restaurants in Chicago. H. also volunteers with the Arts & Business Council of Chicago - working with theaters on their strategic and marketing plans.

H's Top 5 CliftonStrengths®: 

Individualization, Ideation Strategic, Relator, Communication

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