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Dana Coaching using the Strengths Journal

Your personal development shouldn’t be so hard!

  • Do you want to lead a life with purpose?
  • Does each day pass without achieving what you set out to do?
  • Are you frustrated when your goals feel out of reach?
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Channel your strengths each day and be 6x more engaged in what you do.


Implement new tools to navigate your time and relationships effectively.


Know your inner qualities and apply them to overcome challenges.

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Meet Dana Williams

A champion of transforming your life through purpose

  • 25 years of Leadership at Southwest Airlines

  • Coached over 500+ clients to success

  • Created the first Strengths based-daily planner- The Strengths Journal

As a leader for 25 years at Southwest Airlines, I realized I was succeeding at helping others while struggling to develop myself. When I discovered self-development tools, I could harness my strengths to focus, be productive, and actually move forward. My life is now fulfilled, energized, and purposeful. I want that for you too.

I've coached 500+ clients to success as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and have seen the transformational power of accountability. As busy leaders, we want to accomplish goals but need an easy plan designed for our individual needs.

Dana Williams Consulting provides exactly that. Our coaching programs, courses, and tools exist to help leaders and coaches like you. Let us help you define who you are, so you can lead each day with purpose. 

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We build results-oriented sessions, customized for individuals and teams. Our highly trained Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches will empower you with the insight and accountability you need to achieve results, so you can successfully grow.


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We create practical tools and experiences that help you live intentionally and achieve your goals.  We offer the only Gallup licensed daily strengths-based planner. By utilizing our content you can grow personally and professionally through our blogs, podcast, and community network.


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"Dana and her team cut through the noise to bring order from human chaos."

Bill Tierney, VP,  Southwest Airlines


"Dana's insights into each person's strengths, and how to fully leverage those strengths, have been significant to the success of our business."

Shannon Marrs, Founder, Chirp Research

"Working with Dana was a game changer for my life and career."

Liji Thomas, SVP, Beautycounter


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Dana Williams

5 Secrets to Building a Business Authentic to You

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3 Steps to Grow and Lead Yourself Each Day

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Learn and grow as you engage in programs designed for you.

3. Grow and Thrive

Lead your life purposefully.