The only Gallup certified purpose driven daily planner a companion guide to CliftonStrengths ®


Journal your way to a life with purpose. 


The Strengths Journal™ is the first and only Gallup-certified daily planner that helps you actively use your strengths to dominate each day and ultimately– transform your life.


Be Energized

Channel your unique strengths each day and be 6x more engaged in your life and work.

Be Productive

Implement new tools and strategies to navigate your time and relationships more effectively. 

Be Empowered

Know how to apply your strengths to overcome challenges and achieve meaningful goals.

You want to lead a life with purpose. But when day after day passes by without achieving what you set out to do, it can grind you down. And it’s frustrating when your goals feel out of reach.


Now you can journal your way to a life with purpose.


This tool gives you the guidance you need to take your strengths and use them. No more leaving your strengths assessment in your desk drawer. Now you can use The Strengths Journal ™ to channel your unique strengths and dominate your every day.

Discover your CliftonStrengths ®


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Apply your strengths daily to transform your life from the inside out 


"The Strengths Journal will help you and your organization take a measured approach to being the best. You'll learn how to amplify your strengths, improve upon opportunities, and drive a healthier overall environment for your team"

Bill Tierney

VP Marketing, Southwest Airlines

“This journal is the perfect tool to help you stay focused and intentional with your precious time. It will inspire you to organize each day to achieve your goals.”

Becky D. Lewis
Executive Director, Trinity Christian Academy Foundation

“Working with Dana and discovering CliftonStrengths was a gamechanger for my life and career. Aligning strengths with purpose and the work we choose to do in life can transform everything about how 'alive' we feel in our work.”

Liji Thomas
Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

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