Join The Strengths Journal™ 12-Week Challenge

Join us for The Strengths Journal 12-Week Challenge! This 90 day journey will help you unlock your unique talents and live your best life. Each week we'll provide a challenge to help you grow in self-awareness and purpose. Follow along in your Strengths Journal to reflect and capture insights. Let's get started on the path to becoming our best selves!

Unlock You Unique Talents

Grow In Your Purpose

Live Your Best Life

Transform your life from the inside out starting today 

The Strengths Journal™ is the only Gallup-Certified journal on the market today. Think of it as a tool to give you the guidance you need to take your Clifton Strengths and use them. No more leaving your Clifton Strengths assessment in your desk drawer. Now you can use The Strengths Journal ™ to channel your unique strengths and dominate your day, every day.

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