4 Steps to Define Your Mission

goals mission statement new year resolution Jan 10, 2022

Too many people live day to day without a compass driving the “why” behind what they do. We try everything to figure out the narrative of our life, and nothing seems to stick.  There is no clear path.

We need an accelerator to create a direction of where we want to go.  We also need accountability to get us there.

The solution:  know your personal mission.  Your personal mission statement is the platform for living intentionally daily


You can create your mission statement on your own, but working with a coach to guide you will help make the path you’re trying to walk even more clear. If you want a coach to help you create and develop your personal mission statement, sign up for one of our coaching packages hereWe would love to offer you the accountability, coaching, and support you need to thrive as you begin a new year and design a life you love.

Cheering you on, 


-Dana Williams  

Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach

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