Courageous Conversations: Open Hearts, Change Minds

2023 blog communication conversation podcast vision May 25, 2023
Courageous Conversations: Open Hearts, Change Minds

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On today's episode of Dominate Your Day, we are honored to introduce the incredible Kelly Charles-Collins. Kelly embodies a radiant spirit as a Keynote & Award-Winning TEDx Speaker, Retired Law Firm Partner & Trial Attorney, Author, Speaker Mentor, and Podcast Host. Throughout her remarkable journey, she has dedicated herself to fostering respect, equality, and responsibility in various domains, from the corridors of justice to the inner workings of corporations. With over two decades of experience as a criminal defense and employment law trial attorney, Kelly has transformed her deep-rooted passion for justice into an empowering mission.

What truly sets Kelly apart is her unwavering commitment to engaging in courageous conversations. As a resilient Black woman and devoted mother, she has encountered firsthand bias and discrimination. However, instead of allowing these challenges to silence her, they have become powerful catalysts, igniting her voice and propelling her to advocate for others who face similar struggles. This personal voyage has guided her transition from the courtroom to the training room, where she now supports corporations in fostering environments that are safe, inclusive, and accountable.

Kelly's remarkable journey is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of resilience. Her unique blend of expertise, compassion, and unwavering determination allows her to enlighten, captivate, and empower all those fortunate enough to cross paths with her. Through her words and actions, she embodies the true meaning of inspiration.

On episode 72 of Dominate Your Day, Dana Williams and Kelly Charles-Collins dive deep into the realm of courageous conversations and the power of effective communication strategies to foster transformative dialogue. Kelly shares her personal journey, from navigating the halls of justice as a criminal defense and employment law trial attorney to her current roles in public speaking. Drawing upon her experiences, she passionately discusses how these encounters have ignited her mission to empower women in disrupting unconscious bias, promoting bystander intervention, and imparting the art of having courageous conversations. This episode serves as a captivating chronicle of Kelly's path, shedding light on the profound impact of open and empathetic dialogue in opening hearts and creating meaningful change.

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  • Breaking free: empowering women to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace their full potential.
  • Amplifying authenticity: expanding your vision and rediscovering your voice.
  • Aligning passion and profession: leveraging your career to pursue purpose.
  • Embrace your power: unapologetically owning your vision, voice, visibility, and value.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Kelly Charles-Collins.

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Episode Overview: 

  • 15:16 – Unmasking injustice: how the experience of raising a black teenage son ignited Kelly’s    journey to DEIB speakership.
  • 37:30 – Living with purpose: carving your legacy and leaving a lasting impact.
  • 45:10 – Embracing your vision and embodying your intrinsic value.

Episode Links:

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Kelly Charles-Collins Website

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