Monday Motivation: The Secret to Momentum

consistency momentum productivity routine Dec 12, 2021
Consistency Generates Momentum

The Secret to Momentum

Monday Motivation


How are we supposed to stay productive during the holidays?? 


(Especially when snuggly naps on the couch next to the fire sounds SO appealing!!) 


We believe the secret is CONSISTENCY. Consistency generates momentum. 



And our best tip for cultivating consistency is to establish a morning routine that works for you


Look at your CliftonStrengths to design a morning routine you love. Here’s ideas to get you started:   


  • Achiever: Write a morning checklist each day to spark momentum.

  • Empathy: Journal your thoughts & feelings to get the clarity before jumping into the day.

  • Maximizer: Pick one main goal for each day, and focus on making it great to fuel creativity.

  • Strategic: Map out a daily strategy each morning in a planner like The Strengths Journal


The best morning routine is the one that plays to YOUR Strengths and brings you energy. 

Sticking to your morning routine will give you the momentum you need to dominate the day! 


I’m curious—What’s your go-to morning routine? 


Cheering you on, 


-Dana Williams  

Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach


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