Scaling Success: Lessons from Failing Fast

2023 podcasts Feb 02, 2023

Sarah Dusek co-founded Under Canvas; the leading U.S.adventure-hospitality company offering luxurious glamping accommodations just minutes from America’s most popular and iconic national parks. Based in Southern Africa, Sarah also launched Engyma Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on investing in female founders and entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. 


In our conversation,  Sarah Dusek chronicles her lessons in scaling success– how she, together with her husband, founded and scaled Under Canvas to a leading U.S. Adventure business – what failed, what she learned, and how she embraced the act of failing faster. Still, less than 2% of women get funded annually out of all the venture capital money that gets deployed- and according to Sarah, “if the only people who are building businesses are men, the world is going to not serve all of us, and we're not gonna build for all of us. We're gonna continue to perpetuate the inequalities that exist in our world today, and we're gonna not solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.”


In this episode, you’ll learn… 


  • Scaling success: how Sarah’s wake-up call created a pivot from an NGO to co-founding a leading business in adventure glamping in the U.S.…
  • The Basics: If you fail, you learn, and if you learn, you grow– how did failing fast enable Sarah to morphed into a self-thought businesswoman.
  • Venture capital opportunities for women in Southern Africa: how Engyma Ventures started to empower women with a continent.
  • The 101s of managing a business with your spouse or a significant other.



Click here to listen to my conversation with Sarah Dusek.


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Episode Overview: 


16:04 – Play rock, paper, and scissors: the art of business management and decision-making with your partner.

27:17 –Women Entrepreneurs don't have access to capital and the chances of them being able to be wealth managers are low.

33:43 –  To pioneer in new ways, in new places, and we felt like we could make more of a difference.

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