Why your daily routine matters.

dominate your day routine Feb 28, 2022

The daily, mundane, routine actions of your day eventually design your life, and influence your legacy. 


Here’s our 5 Tips for Dominating your Day to design a life you love: 

  1. Customize your days based on your Strengths.  Plan your day based on who you are and your unique Strengths’ needs. Start with your day’s goals in mind, and move towards them in a way that’s authentic to you. 

  2. Just do it. Sometimes, you just have to take action. If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get things done. Small, daily, consistent actions lead to stunning results. Consistency is the DNA of mastery

  3. Encourage yourself daily. Think about David and how he faced Goliath. He did not have encouragement from anyone around him. So, he connected to God and remembered how God had saved him in the past. Find confidence to take your next step boldly. 

  4. Get an accountability partner. Ask  a friend or coach to check in with you on a regular basis about your goals, so you can stay motivated and focused. 

  5. Measure yourself daily. End each day asking what you learned or what fear you overcame. Daily growth is how your life will transform. 


If you want a coach to help you create and develop your goals, register for our six-week live coaching program. We would love to offer you the accountability, coaching, and support you need to thrive as you design a life you love this year! 


Cheering you on, 


-Dana Williams  

Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach


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