3 Tips to Boost Productivity

coaching Nov 24, 2021

If you don’t control your day, someone else will.

Your unique Strengths bring purpose to your life—you do not exist to run someone else’s race. 

The challenge is getting clear on your Strengths, so you can live and work in a way that’s natural for YOU.


Systems are the answer. 

But most of us don’t use the right system that’s best for us.

What if I told you that you could live in a way that’s true to you, while also working at the highest levels of productivity?

It’s not managing your time; the secret is learning to manage your ENERGY.

3 Tips to Boost Productivity:

  1. Operate in Your Strengths Daily:
    • Once you realize why you do what you do, you can fuel your tank by operating from your Strengths.
    • This way of working and living is energizing!
    • Discover your Strengths here

  2. Plan Strategically:
    • Set aside 10 minutes to strategically plan out each day, based on your biggest goals.
    • For each day, decide on your ideal outcome and why.
    • Don’t try to tackle more than 3 big items each day, and assign one of your Strengths to each task.
    • This plan will give you the energy you’ve been craving to dominate each day.
    • The Strengths Journal can help with this process! 

  3. Review Yourself Weekly:
    • Every Sunday, audit your past week.
    • When were you energized?
    • What fears did you power through? What learnings did you gain?
    • Are you reaching your goals?
    • Rate yourself in each of these core areas, and learn to identify the areas that need extra attention the next week. You’ll boost your productivity as you make tangible progress.


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