Bounce Back After Financial Setbacks

May 30, 2022

Raise your hand if you’ve ever pursued a dream full-force, only to face financial adversities along the way? 


Taking financial risks in pursuit of our dreams is scary, but often necessary. The good news is—you’re not alone! We’re so fortunate to have an expert on the podcast to help set you up for success.

This week, Daniel Blue, co-founder of Quest Education and author of the book,  B.L.U.E. Print To Your Best Retirement: How to Access Your Retirement Account Penalty and Tax-Free  is here to help us bounce back after financial setbacks. 


Daniel Blue went from having a daughter at 19, being addicted to Oxycontin, and dropping out of college to owning a seven-figure business.  Daniel is now a Forbes financial contributor helping entrepreneurs learn to make money tax free, pay off debt, get capital to grow, and have more control over their 401ks and IRAs.  

On episode 26 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, Daniel Blue shares how you can shift your mindset, environment, and resources to get closer to achieving everything you’ve ever wanted and more.


In this episode, you’ll learn…


  • The importance of  auditing where you are spending your attention and time
  • A practice for identifying your networking/coaching relationships
  • Tangible ways that you can boost your financial freedom



Click here to listen to my conversation with Daniel Blue!


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Episode Overview: 

    • 12:30 - Gaining perspective of your situation 


  • 13:00 - How to audit yourself
  • 16:48 - Building a foundation


    • 17:25 - Getting ready to go out on your own


  • 20:10 - Boosting financial freedom 
  • 32:59 - Saving & investing well



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