Cultivating a Thriving Workspace: Creating a Competent Culture

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Antonella Pisani is the founder and CEO of Dallas-based Eyeful Media, a digital marketing and consulting firm. Eyeful Media brings expertise to their clients from a fully remote, 40% minority team with employees spanning 16 states and 23. Antonella is a Forbes Council Member and a Fast Company Executive Board Member.

In Episode 46 of the Dominate Your Day podcast, Dana Williams and Antonella explored the topic of fostering success through collaboration. They emphasized the significance of utilizing the power of partnerships and company culture to achieve desired outcomes. Antonella expounded on how the Clifton Strengths methodology is extensively used at Eyeful Media to foster competent team dynamics and practical skills matching. With a strong leadership style, Antonella shared her approach to increasing engagement and maintaining productivity within her organization. A significant takeaway from Antonella's episode was the statement, "We reserve the right to get smarter”– continually enhance our knowledge and abilities.

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  •  Knowing your Clifton strengths, knowing your people.
  • Lessons in business: choosing people that are aligned by a common set of values.
  • Cultivating a robust company culture with diverse people.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs: plan ahead and the finances in check
  • Dominating your day with your unique Clifton Strengths.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Antonella Pisani.

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Episode Overview: 

16:04 – Being international within work cultures and teams.

27:17 –Managing entrepreneurship with diverse teams with a unique set of skills.

31:29 –  Get in touch with Antonella and Eyeful Media. 

Episode Links

Antonella Pisani LinkedIn

Eyeful Media Website

The Strengths Journal

Dana Williams Co. Website

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