Eradicating Lazy Leadership with Julie Holunga

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Eradicating Lazy Leadership with Julie Holunga

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Today on Dominate Your Day, I have the pleasure of introducing a very special guest, Julie Holunga. Julie is not just a leadership facilitator, but she's also an accomplished TEDx speaker, a prolific author, and an inspiring coach. Her mission is to empower and uplift female professionals, helping them to lead with influence and authority. 

In our conversation, we delved deep into Julie's life and career, uncovering her top five CliftonStrengths®: Communication, Harmony, Individualization, Relator, and Woo. She shares her journey from Harvard to her current role, engaging in an effort to examine the infrastructures that hinder the retention and advancement of women into leadership roles.

Julie discusses her own experiences growing up abroad, from Paris to New Delhi and Hong Kong. These experiences birthed a deep curiosity about people and an understanding of diverse perspectives. In her work, she is on a mission to eradicate lazy leadership and promote clear, direct communication, and strong leadership language.

One of Julie's most notable achievements is her work with a team where she facilitated conversations about effective communication and conflict resolution. The leader of the team credited her with "fixing our people." This is a testament to Julie's strengths at work to produce trust, harmony, and consensus in the workplace.

Despite the challenges that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic, Julie believes that the hybrid workplace is here to stay. She sees a rise in conflict due to the screen barrier but is hopeful that with continued work and more effective communication methods, these issues can be resolved. She emphasizes the need for leaders to view their teams and each other as human beings, especially in this digital age.

Join us as we delve deeper into Julie's insights, experiences, and strategies for fostering strong and effective leadership in the workplace.

Episode Minutes:  

1:00 - Understanding Personal Strengths

15:00 - The importance of self-awareness in leadership

25:00 - The power of strong leadership language

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