How To Find Courage When The Going Gets Tough

podcasts Mar 11, 2022

How To Find Courage When The Going Gets Tough 

I met Lisa Burwell 14 years ago, and it felt like fate had brought us together. She has become one of my dear friends and a fellow entrepreneur who I’ve admired over the years. 

Lisa is the Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Marketing and Advertising, based in Grayton Beach, Florida. With over 28 years of marketing experience, she has helped numerous luxury-brand clients grow their businesses. 

In addition, Lisa founded her own publishing company at a time when other publishing companies were dissolving. Since then, she has been involved in many publishing projects. On the Dominate Your Day Podcast, she generously shares her experiences as an entrepreneur and leader with us. Here are a few key takeaways:

  1. Adapt to Change to Keep Your People. The world does not teach you skills in courage; leaps of faith are required. 
  2. How to Fuel Confidence. Your passion provides the energy. 
  3. Overcome Courage Blocks. When something is hard, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

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