How to Hack Your Leadership Growth

podcasts May 15, 2022

If you’re a leader who is… 

  • ready to grow;
  • searching for ways to further support your direct reports; and/or
  • seeking new leadership tools for your toolbelt…


…then this podcast episode is exactly what you need.


On episode 25 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, join Emily Sander and I for a conversation on all things leading & coaching, and how to incorporate the right hacks to accelerate your business.

And believe me… there’s no better person to advise you when it comes to leadership hacks. For the past 15 years, Emily has worked with Microsoft and Amazon, as well as led numerous client-facing teams in rapid-growth departments. From launching startups to helping companies scale people and processes successfully, Emily brings robust experience across several industries.


Currently, Emily is a C-Suite leader, ICF-Certified Coach, and author of the book, Hacking Executive Leadership

Hacking Executive Leadership shares Emily’s insights from her corporate, coaching, and self-development expertise. The book distills fascinating concepts into bite-sized chapters for a quick but highly-impactful read.  

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • how to “swizzle” the best components of multiple items into highly-effective thinking;
  • how to stop the “failure loop” in its tracks and reframe; and
  • a framework for decision making that is more important now than ever


Click here to listen to my conversation with Emily Sander!


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Episode Overview: 


  • 01:01 – How Emily got into coaching
  • 04:08 – Emily shares her mentor story
  • 07:49 – How being a tester on new products helped grow Emily’s career
  • 08:59 – Launch of Emily’s book, Hacking Executive Leadership
  • 10:47 – The “Swizzle” concept
  • 12:54 – The Failure loop Framework
  • 15:31 – Decision-making framework


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