How to Lead with Curiosity

podcasts Jun 30, 2022

Life is filled with uncertainty, but quitting her job in Marketing to pursue a personal endeavor - selling aircraft in the recession of 2008 was quite the feat. She managed to do it successfully. 

Since the recession of 2008, Rene's career in aviation changed drastically after earning her bachelor's degree in 2016, which helped her to recognize her CliftonStrengths and develop her employees. She has navigated her business successfully through high and lows.  As a result of the interest in private aircraft, she was able to pivot her business later on in the pandemic to be a success. 

Her life experiences as a woman, a leader, and an aviation enthusiast led her to the most important role in her lifetime, being appointed to the FAA Aviation Advisory board for women in aviation.

On episode 27 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, Rene Banglesdorf shares four important lessons with us - Be Curious, Be Humble, Develop Self, and lastly, Be Tenacious because you never know what opportunities lie ahead. 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The importance of asking questions because people are ready to teach.
  • Establishing a network of contacts to pursue your wildest dreams 
  • How to never let a setback dictate the future 

 Click here to listen to my conversation with Rene Banglesdorf

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Episode Overview: 

  • 6:37 - Start of the Aviation Collective
  • 19:17 - Opportunities in Aviation 
  • 26:43 -Employee Engagement relating to burnout
  • 29:10 - Key takeaways from her experience


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