Balancing Act: How Erin Duncan Redefined Success Through Well-being and Strategic Leadership

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Balancing Act: How Erin Duncan Redefined Success Through Well-being and Strategic Leadership

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Are you making decisions that truly align with your well-being and life goals? Today, I’m  joined by a very special guest, Erin Duncan, whose journey of transformation and leadership over the last decade is nothing short of inspirational.

Today, Erin is a   Strategic Advisor, who Coaches individuals and teams to develop and execute strategies with clarity and speed through the power of purposeful decision-making.  She has learned how to live her life by design and not by default.

Nearly ten years ago, Erin was a budding leader in our department. As her cohort,, I had the privilege of  witnessing her grow into a formidable force in the corporate world. Even though we both moved on from the same company, our bond has continued  through the years, strengthened by mutual respect and shared experiences.

The past few years  have been challenging  for everyone, especially leaders like Erin, who have had to navigate not just their careers but also personal challenges amidst a global pandemic. What struck me about Erin's recent developments is her profound personal and professional transformation—a story that is both empowering and inspiring.

Erin stepped into a significant role in early 2021, a position demanding a complete overhaul of team structures and processes. It was a challenge tailor-made for someone like her, who thrives on solving complex problems and driving impactful changes. However, this role demanded more than just professional commitment; it required sacrificing personal time and well-being.

As Erin immersed herself in her work, the neglect of other aspects of her well-being began to manifest physically. Despite excelling in her career, she suffered from chronic pain  and rising blood pressure—clear indicators that something was amiss. It was a conversation with a close friend, a member of her personal "board of directors," that became a wake-up call. He urged Erin to establish decision criteria and a timeline to rethink her unsustainable lifestyle.

This discussion prompts us to reflect on our own lives. As female leaders and entrepreneurs, we often believe we can do it all, following the footsteps of the generation before us. But Erin's story challenges this notion, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being in our journeys.

Erin's transformation began with recognizing the need for boundaries and seeking professional help to address underlying issues. She also revisited her life strategy, aligning her daily actions with her long-term goals—something we all can learn from.

One particularly striking aspect of Erin's narrative is how she used her CliftonStrength—Individualism®, Futuristic® , Activator®, Command®, and Significance®—to navigate her transformation. These qualities helped her envision a future where she could balance success with satisfaction without compromising her health.

Erin's journey is a powerful reminder that success shouldn't come at the cost of our health or happiness. As we continue to push through our limits and chase professional achievements, let's not forget to measure our well-being, set boundaries, and listen to our bodies.

Erin's story is not just about transformation; it's about realization and reorientation—a narrative that many of us can relate to and learn from. A journey from a high-powered engineer to a strategic leader who values her well-being as much as her achievements offers a blueprint for all of us. It shows that it's possible to redesign our lives around our true priorities and emerge healthier and more fulfilled.

Episode Minutes:  

5:00 - The Wake-Up Call: Realizing the Need for Change

9:00 - Setting Boundaries and Seeking Help: Steps Towards Well-being

16:00 - Navigating Career Shifts: From Engineering to Strategic Advising

32:00 - Maintaining Boundaries and Personal Branding

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