Returning to the workplace as a Leader

podcasts Aug 19, 2021

Returning to the workplace as a Leader?

Not sure where to begin? After years of working  as a facilitator, H. Muir provides practical advice in relationship building with your Team. Have we captured your attention? We hope you tune in for the Dominate Your Day podcast!

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Episode 14 ft. H. Muir

H. Muir is the proprietor of Liftshop– a consulting, training, and facilitation business focused on brands, teams, and organizational leadership. Liftshop facilitates custom workshops that deliver strategic plans, brand strategies; high performance teams and organizational development. 

Liftshop’s clients include, Barilla Pasta, Case-New Holland, Carmex, Char-Broil, Darden Restaurants, Kashi, Kimberly-Clark, Lamplight (Tiki Torch), Mars, MillerCoors, NUUN, PayPal, Quaker-Pepsico, Samsung, S.C. Johnson, and Target.

Before H. began Liftshop, he was head of Learning and Development for MillerCoors at their Chicago corporate headquarters. Prior to joining Miller, H. spent 10 years at S.C. Johnson, where he started S.C. Johnson’s  marketing curriculums - developing and training the curriculums across the globe

H.'s Top 5 Strengths are:

  1. Individualization
  2. Ideation
  3. Strategic
  4. Relator
  5. Communication

"And it, I think it fits with the model that high performing teams have a high level of psychological safety, which is another way of saying, it's what I call cultural trust, right?" - H. Muir

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Dominate Your Day Podcast

We are so excited to share a new episode of the Dominate Your Day Podcast! This podcast is for any professional or business owner who wants to live intentionally and dominate their day. Dana Williams and her guests will bring you practical advice about how to create a productive life through tools and experiences from guests who have designed the life they love.

At Dana Williams Consulting, we teach you everything you need to know about how to live intentionally and Dominate your Day based on your unique talents.  We have also created some great tools like The Strengths Journal™, a daily companion guide to the CliftonStrengths assessment.


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