Start Living Your Dream, Even If You’re Afraid

podcasts Mar 29, 2022

“Don’t let being scared be the thing that holds you back.”  -Brenda Bogart

Do you have a secret dream? 

Maybe one that sits on the shelf of your mind, because you’re too busy doing what others say you “should”?

Well, it’s time to open the book and start chapter one. It’s time to start living your dream.

In this episode of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, the brilliant Brenda Bogart shares how she completely reinvented herself after a life changing moment in her personal life. 

With courage, she ended her career as an interior designer and became a successful studio artist.

Brenda’s art is now represented in galleries in Dallas, D.C., Aspen, Telluride, Charlotte, Charleston, and NOLA. She also recently authored a coffee table book of her art titled What to Give Up for Lent That’s Not Chocolate, a 40-day journey together through the season of Lent with art, scriptures, and the written word.So, to say she knows a thing or two about making mid-life changes and re-inventing herself would be a massive understatement.

During this episode, she reveals the strategies and techniques that landed her the opportunity to do what she does best every single day.

And while Brenda is known for her incredible collages, more than anything, she’s passionate about giving back in magnanimous ways. 

Brenda talks about moving past hard moments in life and pushing through the fear.

She also shares the strategies necessary to engage your mind through it all.

If you want to transform your life— or you’re simply looking for a little courage to tackle big goals — this episode is a can’t miss.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

    • Challenges can be the rocks that bury you or make you stronger. Instead of being buried, use them as rocks to climb onto and be stronger because you survived something.
    • We each have the power within ourselves to cause harm or healing.  How are we going to use that power?
    • Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Be willing to go to that extra uncomfortable place of weakness or strength.
    • Relationships trump everything. Your personal relationships, your relationship with your co-workers, and relationships with the people you serve.
    • Surround yourself with people who help you be your best. Submit yourself to the teaching of others and never stop learning.

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