How to Realize Your True Calling

podcasts Jun 14, 2022

How to Realize Your True Calling


When the time comes to follow your true calling, you’ll probably get endless advice on when you should take your leap of faith. And while it’s good to be thoughtful about your next step, it’s easy to fall into analysis paralysis.

On this episode of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, performer Gregory Offner Jr. shares his own experience of taking a chance on himself and the importance of pursuing your true calling before it's too late. 

In 2020, after recovering from vocal surgery, Gregory realized the perspective he gained through his struggles would make him an excellent speaker. He then discovered a way to bring people together in meaningful ways virtually during the pandemic. 

Gregory is a keynote speaker, former dueling pianist, and recovering corporate executive. Believe me, there’s no one better to talk to us about discovering and pursuing your calling.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • the importance of taking a chance on yourself to pursue your calling;
  • the secret to investing in your employees;
  • and how to be adaptable in this ever-changing world.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Gregory Offner Jr.!


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Episode Overview: 


  • 10:30 True calling
  • 13:30 My next move
  • 18:30 Speaking with other keynote speakers/Research
  • 24:30 Workforce in Transition
  • 30:10 Importance of Training


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