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podcasts Jan 14, 2022

Tips from the frontlines with Southwest Airlines Marketing VP Bill Tierney

I had the awesome opportunity to interview my former boss at Southwest Airlines this week, Bill Tierney. Bill has been with Southwest Airlines for over 18 years and has worked in various departments, before he got into leadership in Marketing.  We talked about everything from family to running a marketing department at an airline during a pandemic and what he has learned through his experience.  Here are my 5 action items Bill shared in our interview which have helped him navigate change, leadership and his family during this time.

  1.  Focused Communications- make sure the message sent is the message received
  2.  Trust is the foundation of all things and  the environment that allows trust is approachability
  3.  Taking time for the small moments of interaction as well as the big ones with your people
  4.  See yourself as a gardener.  Leadership is a very active practice like gardening. You are always nurturing some part of the garden at any given time
  5.  Spend more time listening than telling your people what you want to say, especially when navigating the team through change.

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