Finding Happiness: Be Playful, Purposeful & Powerful

2023 finding happiness podcasts Jan 19, 2023

Revati’s Rani Puranik is co-owner, EVP and Global CFO of Houston-based Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) and was recently named a  “Top 25 Most Influential Women in Energy 2022.” In her upcoming book, Seven Letters to My Daughters: Light Lessons of Love, Leadership, and Legacy, Rani recounts how womanhood and motherhood influenced seven transformative phases of her life, sharing the wisdom and perspective to help others find their own path, success, joy, and freedom.

On episode 42 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, Rani Puranik chronicles her journey of living in Houston, Texas for 18 years before moving to India and entering into a 17 year arranged marriage. She discusses how these experiences shaped her life and career, leading her to become one of the most influential women in the energy industry and an innovative philanthropist. According to Rani, finding happiness and love are instrumental in fueling successful corporate leadership. She also talks about her book, 7 Letters to My Daughters: Lessons of Love, Leadership, and Legacy, in which she shares how to embrace love, lead with empathy, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Rani Puranik’s background: spending 17 years in India and that her experiences shaped her career trajectory.
  • Finding happiness: How can we bring positivity into our daily lives playfully, purposefully, and powerfully?
  • Career Dynamics 101: The four stages of leadership – listening, bridging, inspiring, and letting go.
  • How do you start from nothing? When there’s nothing, the only way is up.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Rani Puranik

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Episode Overview: 

10:42 – Rani chronicles a heartfelt story that defines her identity and purpose.

27:17 – Making objective decisions, talking strategy, financials, re restructuring corporate structures: Rani’s story at WOM.

31:32 –  Finding Happiness: How love, doubled-up fuels excellent leadership.


Episode Links:


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