Communicate with Impact: Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

2023 blog communication make an impact storytelling May 11, 2023
Communicate with Impact: Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

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Meet Mike Pacchione, a seasoned public speaking coach and communications expert who has worked with leaders across a multitude of industries- Nike, Dell, Microsoft, Slack, etc. His mission is to help speakers gain the confidence they need to deliver powerful and effective presentations that leave a lasting impression on their audiences. Mike understands that too often, even the most brilliant ideas can fall flat on stage due to poor delivery. He knows that speakers can struggle with being unclear, cramming in too much information, or simply failing to leave a lasting impact. Mike’s passion is to help speakers be the talk of the conference, deliver the best speech of their life, and walk on stage feeling confident and excited. 

On episode 68 of Dominate Your Day, Dana Williams and Mike Pacchione discuss the importance of individualizing one's own speaking style to communicate with impact and harness the power of storytelling. In the episode, they talk about how when a speaker knows their strengths they find their own path of presenting and engaging with the audience. Pacchione emphasizes the importance of starting strong, owning one's quirks, and modeling the emotion one wants the audience to feel. Accordingly, the audience feels the emotions you feel, as it heavily ripples across the room.

Dana and Mike discuss the idea of coaching the audience - modeling the behavior and emotion that one wants the audience to have. When giving a presentation, think about your unique talent stack, which consists of a unique combination of skills and experiences one garnered. By owning and emphasizing one's talent stack, you can stand out as a speaker or leader.

Overall, the goal of public speaking, communications, and presentations is individualizing one's style, focusing on strengths, and modeling the desired emotion and behavior, so you can engage the audience and leave a lasting impression.

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  • Utilizing the potential of narrative to communicate effectively.
  • Identifying the target audience and determining the desired outcome of the message.
  • Taking control of your introduction, Mike provides valuable insights on crafting impactful introductions visit
  • Understanding the importance of effective communication and honing the necessary skills to deliver a powerful message.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Mike Pacchione.

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Episode Overview: 

04:16 – Mike Shares his journey from Adjunct Professor to Professional Speaker.

18:57 – Master your audience and harness your emotions.

42:40 – Starting a good meeting, starting a good presentation

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