NextGen Author: What are the Future Standards of Authorship?

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Malene Bendtsen is an author and a business strategist teaching experts, teachers, public speakers, and other freedom seekers how to write, publish and market their books. Malene is a futurist at heart and as a business model innovator, she is determined to find new ways for authors to connect with their audience and strategically use their books to build their businesses

On episode 40 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, Malene Bendtsen talks about her book, NextGen Author: How Trendsetting Creators Use Web3 and AI to Set New Standards for Authorship. Malene uses her futuristic strength to navigate changing times and fuel her interest in AI, Web3, and authorship. According to Malene, the new world of web3 offers authors the greatest opportunity of our time to set a new standard for author-reader relationships and finally be rewarded “justly for their creative work.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Authenticity in defining your day/life with your default strengths– a case from Malene’s futuristic strength with her current undertakings.
  • What does NextGen Authorship mean for the world?
  • The rudimentary stages of Web3 and does it combine with AI to set trends for individual authorship in the future.


Click here to listen to my conversation with Malene Bendtsen

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Episode Overview: 

10:20 –  Do you design your day or live your day by default?

25:03 –  The world is changing and there are huge changes coming along in the publishing industry. 

21:32 – The simple framework to elevate your non-fiction book publication. How can NFTs, AI, and Web3 revolutionize the industry.

Episode Links:

Malene Bendtsen LinkedIn

The Strengths Journal

Dana Williams Co. Website

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