Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Insights from Female Founders

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Insights from Female Founders

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Welcome to episode 83 of Dominate Your Day, where we empower difference makers to make an impact  in the workplace. In this episode, we delve into limiting beliefs and the negative impact they are having on female-owned businesses. Our host, Dana Williams, and fellow Female Founders, Catherine Brown and Lynn Tickner, who share their experiences in recognizing limiting beliefs, as well as discuss the research conducted on the subject along with Lauren Apple, Julie Stroud, and Liz Cortes.

The Power of a Common Language

Several common threads unite these Female Founders. In addition to the fact that they have all invested in StoryBrand marketing training so they know how to market their own businesses, each entrepreneur has thought extensively about the subject of how their own beliefs affect the success they enjoy. As they began to examine  their own limiting beliefs, they realized the importance of testing their theories and understanding whether these beliefs were prevalent among other female entrepreneurs.

The Research Study

 Dr. Ryan Brown (who is also Female Founder Catherine Brown’s spouse) is a social psychologist at Rice University, and he guided the team in designing a well-structured research study. Their goal was to ask unbiased questions and gather statistically-significant data from a large sample of female entrepreneurs. By surveying hundreds of individuals, the researchers drew meaningful conclusions about the top limiting beliefs that hinder Female Founders' success.

Unveiling the Top Five Limiting Beliefs

After analyzing the survey responses, the research team identified these statements as the five most prevalent limiting beliefs:


  • If I have not put in the time, I'm not going to get the return.
  • I need more resources (time, money, expertise) to move forward.
  • I'm not qualified or experienced enough to succeed.
  • I fear failure and its consequences.
  • I need to do it all on my own; I can't rely on others for support.


Obstacles Female Founders Navigate

During this episode, Dana, Catherine and Lynn discuss the impact of these beliefs on Female business owners such as: 1. The Belief Results Cycle 2. Revenue Roadblocks, and  3. Confidence Conundrum. Holding on to limiting beliefs holds women back from taking big action in their business, which affects revenue and lowers confidence. 

Listen in to hear -
- 18:23  - The 5 Limiting beliefs
- 22:32 - The Obstacles Female Founders navigate
- 27:22 - How Limiting beliefs can be overcome 

In the spirit of growth, Dana, Catherine, Lynn, Lauren, Julie, and Liz  share their findings with you so you can overcome these barriers, too. It’s crucial to understand how we hold ourselves back in order to achieve the success we deserve. You can read the White Paper here. 

You can receive additional information from each of the Female Founders represented in the collaborative research study:

Catherine Brown- How Good Humans Sell Sales Community 

Lynn Tickner -https://www.inkandkey.com/one-year-of-marketing-tips

Dana Williams- 15-minute discovery call 

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