Self Agency: How to Negotiate Your Best Outcome

podcasts Dec 15, 2022

Carolina Billings – “For an empowered woman, challenges are not a time for crisis they are a time for action.” Carolina Billings founder of Powerful Women Today. It began as a passion project at first, with a small group that grew into a global movement of chapters around the globe. For Carolina, Powerful Women Today’s mission is to champion and empower women’s emotional and financial independence working together, stronger together, within the time, culture, and society we are experiencing currently. “ As we collaborate, we realize the powerful opportunities and see far beyond barriers.” noted Billings.

People hold a handful of uncertainties working with women professionally, avoiding creating a vacuum for misinterpretation at work. Gender dynamics continue to change, and we are going through a revolution– what are the ways to be open about it and negotiate our best outcomes? 

On Episode 39 of Dominate Your Day, Carolina articulates her mission to help others, serve others, and share her gold with others. Her forte is to step in as a global thought leader to help women seeking to find their own best self. From experiences, Carolina created detailed methods to help women find a place of empowerment, personal growth, and business development. 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Collaboration is queen:  we cannot do this by ourselves, women's partnership is just powerful.
  • Detailed steps towards financial independence and emotional independence in women.
  • Collaborating together to realize the powerful opportunities and see far beyond any barriers placed in front of us.
  • Powerful Women Today began as a passion project at first with a small group that grew into an amazing global movement of chapters around the globe 

Click here to listen to my conversation with Carolina Billings

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Episode Overview: 

11:45 –  Our happiness is only from 10% of what happens to us. It's our mindset: setting a more positive outlook.

12:57 –  Being prime at 55– cutting away from the mythical media culture of it’s 25 or over for women.

25:24 – Self-agency: negotiating your own outcome and activating your personal branding as a woman.

Episode Links:

Carolina Billings Website

The Strengths Journal

Dana Williams Co. Website

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