The Fundamentals of Common Sense: Trust = Care = Wellbeing

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The Fundamentals of Common Sense: Trust = Care = Wellbeing

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On this week’s episode of Dominate Your Day, Dana talks to Dave Allman. Dave leads the Wellbeing at Work movement (W@W), a digitally mastered experience designed by Careots and powered by Gallup’s science and proven best practices. Currently, there are 3.3 billion workers worldwide, and all human beings have the right to a thriving life, resilient mind, and engaging work. Dave’s role at W@W is the only global standard to get leaders to the next enterprise opportunity by empowering people.

On the 66th episode of Dominate Your Day, Dana and Dave delve into the fundamentals of change management and highlight the significance of employee wellbeing in the workplace. Only 25% of employees strongly believe their organization cares about their overall wellbeing, which contributes to the “great resignation” trend. 

Dave emphasizes the critical role of trust, care, and wellbeing in employees’ lives, with trust being the most critical currency that leaders can demonstrate to their employees. He also stressed the importance of the "high-tech, high-touch" approach to fuel enterprise growth, which involves factoring in the six areas of wellbeing in every trajectory. These touches are crucial in determining whether employees are thriving, struggling, or suffering regarding their overall wellbeing at work. Therefore, it's crucial for leaders to prioritize employee wellbeing and search for next enterprise opportunities to accelerate it in the workplace.

Throughout the episode, Dave talks about the six essentials of wellbeing - Emotional, Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community.

Join us to learn about a thriving life, resilient mind, and engaging work using wellbeing practices that can help you unlock your full potential, with expert guidance. 

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  • The dichotomy in the beliefs of leaders and employees concerning employee wellbeing, which could create significant challenges for organizations.
  • A simple yet powerful way to bridge the gap in perspectives and enhance wellbeing in the workplace is by asking the question, "How are you today?"
  • Organizations are expected to prioritize wellbeing and resilience as core competencies in the years ahead, as the importance of these areas continues to grow.
  • The equation of trust equaling care equaling wellbeing presents an opportunity to prioritize employee wellbeing in organizations and make it a common practice.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Dave Allman.

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Episode Overview: 

13:16 – Change management and how to get to the other side.

20:00 – Transitioning from the binary work hard, play hard, to work-life harmony, then work-life flow.

26:50 – Credentialing wellbeing at work is the next revolution for leaders.

Episode Links:

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Wellbeing at Work Website

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