Using Resilience to Navigate Change

podcasts Sep 19, 2022

Bryan Gillette is a former human-resources executive, an ultradistance athlete, and the president and founder of Summiting Group—a consulting firm that helps leaders and teams reach their peak performance. For more than 25 years, he has held senior roles overseeing human resources, leadership development, and communications for companies of all sizes leading teams of hundreds of people and managing multi-million dollar budgets.

As a lifelong endurance athlete, he has cycled across the U.S., completed a 300-mile ride in one day, and finished many 50- and 100-mile ultradistance runs. He lays this out in an easy-to-understand framework called E.P.I.C. Performances. Bryan has a corporate program that walks a person through this so they can design their own E.P.I.C. goals. The book: EPIC Performance: Lessons from 100 Executives and Endurance Athletes on Reaching Your Peak" is out on Amazon.

In episode 32 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, Bryan Gillette discusses using resilience to navigate change, especially in the recent unprecedented times. Bryan highlights how he uses his. In this episode, youll learn…

  • How do you use resilience to navigate changes in life and career: an ultradistance runners perspective.
  • How to push it a little bit further? What is your nervous quotient?
  • How do you learn outside your comfort zone?
  • How to achieve your next EPIC goal by applying the five pillars of EPIC Performance(Envision, Plan, Iterate, Collaborate) in your own life.

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Episode Overview: 

  • 13:35 - Navigating change and pivoting forward in unprecedented times.
  • 23:50 - What is and how do you understand your nervous quotient.
  • 32:17 - Getting Things Done with slow growth– not aiming for utopian perfection.

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