Building Confidence Beyond Competence: A Journey with Maureen Monte

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Building Confidence Beyond Competence: A Journey with Maureen Monte

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Did you know that In order to truly dominate your day, it's important to explore paths that contribute to personal and professional growth. Today, we delve into a captivating conversation with Maureen Monte, an accomplished author, consultant, and Gallup CliftonStrengths® coach, shedding light on her journey and insights into confidence-building, especially for women.

Maureen's journey intertwines with sports, a powerful medium that shaped her life. As an athlete from a young age, she found solace and connection, especially after the loss of her father. Despite being an outsider, sports provided a sense of belonging and a platform where she excelled. From baseball to basketball, Maureen discovered her competence and resilience, setting the stage for lessons that transcended the playing field.

Transitioning from sports to a corporate career, Maureen faced challenges as a female engineer in a male-dominated environment. Her experiences at IBM highlighted the importance of standing up for oneself, a skill honed on the sports field. Despite adversity, Maureen's sports-influenced mindset allowed her to navigate the corporate world with confidence.

In a surprising revelation, Maureen challenges the notion that sports inherently build confidence. Drawing on her extensive experience with male and female athletes, she unveils a gap between competence and confidence. The data she shares from CliftonStrengths® assessments among female athletes underscores the rarity of self-assurance, emphasizing the need for targeted confidence-building efforts.

Maureen shares a poignant example from the world of gymnastics, using Simone Biles as a case study. Despite Biles' unparalleled success, her journey unveils a lack of self-assurance. This sparks a crucial discussion on mindset and the need to help individuals bridge the gap between competence and confidence, a challenge Maureen addresses in her latest book, "Win Like a Girl."

Win Like a Girl: A Unique Approach:

Maureen's latest book takes a distinctive approach, blending a fictional story with a practical playbook. The narrative, inspired by her experiences, introduces readers to a diverse cast of characters navigating the challenges of the sports world. The playbook, a culmination of Maureen's extensive expertise, provides actionable steps for parents, athletes, and coaches to foster confidence in young individuals.

Maureen Monte's journey is a testament to the transformative power of sports and the invaluable lessons it imparts. From navigating corporate challenges to challenging traditional views on confidence, her insights pave the way for a more nuanced understanding of personal and professional growth. "Win Like a Girl" stands as a guide, urging individuals to embrace their strengths and embark on a journey towards true confidence.

Episode Minutes:

5:00 - Impact of Sports on Confidence and Self-Belief

18:00 Translating Sports Confidence to Workplace Confidence

24:00 - The Power of Role Modeling

28:00 - The Power of Self-Belief

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