Create Goals That Boost Your Impact

goals how to new year Jan 24, 2022

We are almost a month into 2022.   If you don’t have deliberate goals and a clear path for yourself, you have already decided to let others run your life.  Not deciding is a decision. Before you sit down to write your goals, it’s critical that you clearly understand your strengths, your mission, and your core values.  They are the building blocks to your goals that will help accelerate toward who you want to become.  Goals help build your character.  It takes intention.


The biggest benefit to your life is what happens inside you as you are moving toward your goals.

Characteristics of goals:

  1. Smaller steps to your mission
  2. Measurable and attainable
  3. Aligned with your priorities
  4. Goals do not change but strategies underneath the goals can change

My #1 Tip today is to take action and create “close-in” goals that help you run at the pace of your vision. Begin with your three-year goal, then write your one year followed by your 6 month and 90-day goals.  You will experience momentum as your vision is much closer than you think.

If you want a coach to help you create and develop your goals, sign up for our six-week live coaching program here. We would love to offer you the accountability, coaching, and support you need to thrive as you begin a new year and design a life you love.


Cheering you on, 

-Dana Williams  

Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach

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