Creating Inclusive Leadership: A Conversation with Priya Nalkur, Ed.D

#podcast #podcasts podcasts May 16, 2024

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How do we create a culture of inclusion as leaders? Priya Nalkur, Ed.D is here to help us develop these essential skills. Born and raised in Canada to Indian immigrant parents, Dr. Nalkur experienced discrimination and racism from an early age. From being asked to step out of a class photo because of her skin color to being told she couldn't play the trumpet because of her physical features, Dr. Nalkur’s journey was marked by microaggressions that impacted how she saw herself.

However, she didn't let these experiences define her. Instead, she was fueled by a desire to create change.

Dr. Nalkur went on to receive her Master’s, Doctorate, and Postdoc degrees from institutions like Harvard and Yale. After spending a few years in academia, she shifted to become an executive and leadership coach. In this role, she found herself in pivotal moments challenging the status quo. At a company retreat, she bravely raised the issue of lack of diversity, catalyzing a transformation in her own career trajectory and the way she approached leadership.

Dr. Nalkur’s mission became clear: to advocate for inclusive leadership, where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. In 2016, she founded the Roundtable Institute, aiming to create spaces for meaningful conversations and equip leaders with the skills to foster inclusion.

Her recent book, Stumbling Towards Inclusion: Finding Grace in Imperfect Leadership, is a reflection of her journey and a guide for leaders navigating the complexities of diversity and equity. Through personal stories and practical tools distilled from her work with hundreds of companies and CEOs, Dr. Nalkur encourages leaders to embrace imperfection, curiosity, and empathy in their quest for inclusivity.

The book offers practical strategies for leaders to recognize their biases, navigate difficult conversations, and cultivate inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and understood. Dr. Nalkur’s approach is grounded in the belief that while mistakes are inevitable, what truly matters is the willingness to learn, grow, and repair any harm caused.

Dr. Nalkur emphasizes the importance of authentic leadership and the power of genuine relationships. She reminds us that investing in meaningful connections — both professionally and personally — is key to driving positive change and maximizing our potential.

As diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognized as essential pillars of success, Dr. Nalkur stands as an inspiring leader, challenging us to stumble towards inclusion with courage, grace, and compassion.

Episode Minutes:  

  • 3:00 — Building an Inclusive Leadership Career
  • 21:00 — JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • 26:00 — The Future of Workplaces

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