Finding Balance: Career, Motherhood, and Wellness with Dr. Anne Welsh

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Finding Balance: Career, Motherhood, and Wellness with Dr. Anne Welsh

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How can women thrive in their careers while also being present mothers and prioritizing self-care?

This is something I hear  often from working moms.

So I was excited  to have the opportunity to interview  Dr. Anne Welsh on the Dominate Your Day podcast.  She is a Harvard graduate, therapist, executive coach, and consultant specializing in women's issues and has over 12 years of experience running her own practice,  juggling her career while being a mother to four kids, Dr. Welsh has some fascinating insights to share – and, importantly, a reassuring message for those of us who sometimes drop the ball in the chaos of our busy lives.

In our conversation, Dr. Welsh shares her journey from aspiring to be a doctor, following in her full-time working mom's footsteps, to discovering her passion for psychology. She discusses the transition from her role at Harvard, where a lack of flexibility led her to rethink her career. This challenge turned out to be an opportunity that led her to establish her own practice and explore the realms of executive coaching and consulting.

Dr. Welsh's exploration of career development and the transition to motherhood is a testament to her commitment to helping women navigate their unique journey. Particularly noteworthy is her focus on the 'world of work' for women, a field that has taken on even greater significance in the post-COVID world.

One significant trend she noted is the struggle many women face when returning to work post-COVID, a struggle that has led to a wave of resignations, often referred to as the 'quiet quitting.' We delve into this trend further, discussing the difficulties women face in the workplace and the need for more supportive systems.

Episode Minutes: 

6:00 - Emerging trends in our work lives

18:00 - Working, parentings, and finding the right balance 

28:00 - Wellbeing and support in the workplace


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