Focus on Your CliftonStrengths in 2021

activator development Jan 28, 2021

When life gets busy, it’s easy to lose focus of what’s important.  Days pass without you achieving any of what you set out to do, and when that happens, it can feel hopeless. I get it. But keeping on track of your goals does not have to feel so out of reach. 

Where my focus goes, there my energy goes."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I couldn't agree more with Ralph Waldo Emerson. But you might be asking, “where do I get that energy? How do I summon it each day to be productive?”

The Benefits of Focusing on Your CliftonStrengths

Woman working in The Strengths Journal
The Strengths Journal will help you focus on your strengths

According to Gallup, people who focus on using their strengths arethree times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs.” Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.

The problem is we take our CliftonStrengths assessment and are fascinated by it for a while, but then we stick it in drawer and forget what we discovered.

I did that too eight years ago when I received my first CliftonStrengths assessment report.  It was not until I faced some challenging times in my personal and work life that I pulled the report out, reviewed my unique talents, and begin to realize my purpose.

Once I was familiar with my strengths, I was able to apply them every day.

All of a sudden, I had more energy. You can too.

When you focus on your strengths, you

  • experience positive energy
  • are more likely to achieve your goals
  • are more confident
  • perform better and are more engaged at work
  • experience less stress
The Strengths Journal makes it easy to stay focused on your goals

But how do you apply these strengths daily and get more energy?

If you already have your CliftonStrengths, implementing these four things will help you manage your energy:

  1. Look back at your calendar in the last few weeks or months and circle the appointments where you had a lot of energy.  Put a square around the items in your calendar that drained you. 
  2. Review each of those items circled and write down what strength you have that caused you to be energized in that particular moment in time.
  3. Review the squares of the items that drained you and see if your lesser talents were being used in those situations. 
  4. Begin planning each day by setting up three action items and assigning one or two of your top 5-10 CliftonStrengths to help you complete the task.

By following these four steps, you will begin the practice of putting energy in your day.

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