From Medicine to Leadership: A Journey of Reinvention with Carlos Davidovich

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From Medicine to Leadership: A Journey of Reinvention with Carlos Davidovich

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When was the last time you used empathy as a leader? 

Today on Dominate Your Day, we have the pleasure of introducing an extraordinary individual, Carlos Davidovich. Hailing from just outside of Madrid, Spain, Carlos is a medical doctor, a TEDx speaker, and an executive coach with a fascinating life story to share.

Carlos' journey began in his native Argentina. After earning his medical degree, he entered the pharmaceutical industry, gaining business experience while working for several top-tier international companies in the field of biotechnology. Fast forward to the year 2000, personal circumstances brought him to Europe. Unable to continue his previous career paths, Carlos faced the need for a complete career reinvention.

This reinvention led him to leadership development, where he discovered a new passion - executive coaching. Interestingly, Carlos's leadership experience wasn't something new. Throughout his 20-year tenure in the biotech industry, he had been at the helm of business units, leading teams across Argentina and Latin America. His experience as a leader in the biotech industry allowed him to understand the backstage world of leadership, making him a unique executive coach.

Carlos's approach to coaching is a brilliant fusion of his medical background and his leadership experience. His distinctive perspective enables him to empathize with his clients, having firsthand knowledge of the challenges they face. This empathy and understanding, coupled with his medical background, were instrumental in the creation of his recent book. Listen for more insights on his book and his innovative approach of connecting neuroscience with organizations and business.

Episode Minutes:  

11:00 - Framework of the five brains

18:00 - Happiness (from another perspective)

23:00 - Mental Health in the workplace

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