Guess What Your Number One Job Is In Finding Purpose?

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Guess What Your Number One Job Is In Finding Purpose?

Your number one job is to be more of yourself, and that means it’s okay to live a life of imperfection. According to Gallup who owns the CliftonStrengths® Assessment,  you are one in 33 million. That means if you lived in Texas - like I do, you would have to go outside the state of 28 million and go find 5 more million people before you find someone that has similar talents as you. So why not go ahead and start being you? 

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Take Ownership - Know your Purpose - There is freedom in knowing your purpose and that the  full responsibility is in your control. We control how we show up and how we spend our time and our money, so why not create a purpose statement that defines who you are and what you are about?
  2. Get Intentional - Once you know your purpose, it’s time to get intentional on what you want to grow.   
    •  Be Proactive - Focus on managing your purpose by intentionally managing your day.
    • Build relationships one at a time - you are the sum of the people you hang out with. So, who do you want to connect with, who do you want to learn from, or be inspired by? 
    • Be curious - Take time to learn each day by being curious, you grow in your capacity.
  1. Self Motivation - You are not going to learn if you do not take action. Here are three areas to grow your motivation:
    1. Purpose- Know that your purpose drives your decisions and your focus.  Without direction you are letting others design your day.  You are either living in life by default or design.
    2. Autonomy - Mindset for how you  manage  yourself.  A good reminder is to say to yourself “things happen for me, not to me.”. See life in Abundance
    3. Mastery- Growth mindset- What are you challenging yourself to do each month,, each week, each day? The quickest way to get into the growth mindset is
      •  Embrace failure
      • Keep an eye out for the voice of your fixed mindset.
      • Obtain assistance from outside sources.
      • Accept feedback.

I was on the search for a product that helped me live in my unique talents (CliftonStrengths®) daily and I could not find anything in the marketplace. So, I created The Strengths Journal™  a companion guide to CliftonStrengths®  assessment and the only Gallup licensed daily planner based on your talents... If you are needing a boost to grow in your purpose check out these opportunities for you to take some action:


You’ve got this,


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