How Nomi Network was created

podcasts Dec 02, 2021

Cofounder of Nomi Network, Diana Mao, joins the Dominate your Day podcast to discuss her journey in the nonprofit world. Learn how Diana Mao, co-founder of the Nomi Network is growing her nonprofit and impacting the world. In this episode, Diana shares how she  started a movement to help end human sex trafficking through workforce development.  First, she focused on becoming a strengths based organization by helping her employees know their unique talents. Second, she cast a vision that points her stakeholders and employees to a meaningful outcome in the future and third she was ready to pivot during adversity and bring value to the communities she serves. 

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Episode 19 ft. Diana Mao

Diana is an abolitionist with a mission to eradicate human trafficking in her lifetime. Diana actively champions for change, and her visionary skillsets have urged Nomi Network forward into enormous growth and success. She is a 2015 Presidential Leadership Scholar, New York Academy of Medicine Fellow, and co-chaired the Nexus Human Trafficking Modern Day Slavery Work Group from 2013-2019. Diana also served on the White House Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking. Diana writes for the Huffington Post, Reuters, and the United States Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center. She received the 2018 Pioneer Award from Asian Americans for Equality and 2018 Recent Alumni Impact Award from New York University (NYU). Diana earned her Bachelor’s in Business Economics and Chinese from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has a Master’s in Public Administration, with a specialization in International Management from NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. While she lives in New York, Diana spends most of her time traveling to raise awareness and funds for Nomi Network, building partnerships with industries and leaders in private, public, and government arenas to fight human trafficking.

Diana's Top 5 Strengths are: 

  1. Activator 
  2. Command 
  3. Significance 
  4. Futuristic 
  5. Input

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