How to Develop Powerful Partnerships

podcasts Jul 08, 2021

Your CliftonStrengths are one in 34 million.

As an individual, you can conquer your goals and dominate your day utilizing your unique strengths. However, we live in a world built on relationships, whether that be with coworkers, friends, or significant others. So, how can you maximize the strengths of both people in a partnership to achieve common goals? That's the question we answer in this episode of the Dominate Your Day podcast. 

In episode 12, I speak with fellow strengths coach, Dr. Gary Crotaz, and ballroom dancing duo, Nazar Batih and Mariko Cantley. As the duo's strengths coach, Gary shares how Nazar and Mariko utilize their individual strengths to achieve their dancing goals. 

Gary says that he coaches relationships by, "Spending a lot of time thinking about blind spots [in our strengths]. Such as when you overplay a strength, or you play a strength at the wrong time, or you don't appreciate that the other person in the room doesn't have that strength." By recognizing that your partner does not have your exact strengths, you can determine how you balance and complement one another. 

To learn more about how CliftonStrengths work in relationships, check out the full podcast episode. 

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Episode 12 ft. Gary Crotaz, Nazar Batih, and Mariko Cantley 

Dr. Gary Crotaz, Ph.D., is a certified Gallup CliftonStrengths coach, who specialized in working with senior leaders and high-potential future leaders.  He has coached clients in over 15 countries and has particular experience of coaching within ultra-high net worth families.  Gary’s background encompasses medicine, sport, and executive leadership.  He qualified as a medical doctor and later coached and competed as a professional ballroom dancer at European and World Championships.  More recently he was on the executive board of two major global retailers.  Gary’s book “The IDEA Mindset”, a guide to self-discovery and personal growth in your life and career, is coming out around the end of the year. 

In this episode, Gary shares, "CliftonStrengths open up the next 10 years of your life. So, I first did my CliftonStrengths 10 years ago, and I'm still learning new things about myself every day. I have a language now and I notice things about myself and other people. CliftonStrengths has helped bring that to my life."

Gary's top 5 strengths are

  1. Maximizer
  2. Strategic
  3. Activator
  4. Responsibility 
  5. Futuristic 

Nazar Batih and Mariko Cantley started dancing in early childhood and formed their dancing partnership 9 years ago.  They are now two-time, undefeated US National Professional Ballroom Showdance Champions, and World Professional Ballroom Showdance Championship Silver Medalists.  Nazar and Mariko are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and continue to train and compete internationally.  Nazar was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2009 and is passionate about using his titles and social media to show young people with Type 1 Diabetes that this diagnosis doesn’t have to hold them back, and that they can still achieve their dreams.  Being true to yourself is the foundation of success for Mariko and Nazar and using CliftonStrengths to maximize their partnership melds perfectly with that belief. You can find the duo on Instagram at @nazarandmariko. 

"If you only have time to take one step, then make it a really big one." -Gary Crotaz

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