How to Build Your Personal Brand with Story

podcasts Jul 12, 2022


What we might not know is that TV and brand development have much more in common than we think. In his work experience in the media world, Vinnie shares his thoughts on building personal brands. 

Having spent 25 years producing, he was able to learn from what did not work and what did. By focusing on advertising sales, he was able to create profitable shows time and time again. 

Now that he is no longer a producer, he uses original content created by celebrities and major companies such as Macy’s, Nikon, Samsung and others to create personal brands through storytelling. 

On episode 28 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast,Vinnie Potestivo shares four important lessons for brand development, including the value of focusing on what audiences want, developing relationships through your product and telling a story.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Development of a personal brand is essential. 
  • Audience-focused marketing has value. 
  • Maintaining and establishing relationships.
  • The ability to tell a story is a gift.  

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Episode Overview: 

  • 6:30 - Don’t focus on your end process for brand development
  • 8:13 - Audience doesn’t know what they want until you bring it to them
  • 8:35 - Bring in the right partners 
  • 9:33 - It’s not the product, it's the person and their relationship they bring to their customer.
  • 10:42 - Create a story that needs to be told, not so that you can be seen. 
  • 12:38  - There is a story within you - it just needs to be brought out

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