"Unleashing the Power of Curiosity: How Bob Tiede Transforms Leadership with Questions" Part One

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How do you lead with questions? Dive into the insightful 'Dominate Your Day' podcast featuring Bob Tiede, a seasoned veteran with more than four decades of experience at Cru. Bob is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of leadership driven by inquiry.  Bob shares his wisdom on leadership, the importance of developing the next generation, and his recent co-authorship of the third edition of "Leading with Questions" with Dr. Michael McCourt.

Amidst the complexities of leading multi-generational teams, Bob provides practical advice for leaders. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the language of social media and shares Eisenhower's timeless wisdom on distinguishing between the urgent and the important. The conversation delves into attracting and retaining high-quality talent through a commitment to continuous development.

The heart of the conversation centers around Bob's transformation from a benevolent dictator to a leader who leads with questions. Bob introduces the concept of mental oars, highlighting the power of engaging the entire team in solving problems and seizing opportunities. The discussion explores why leaders who ask questions can be ten times more effective, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Bob shares the fascinating story of how he became the co-author of the third edition of "Leading with Questions" with Dr. Michael McCourt. The journey from starting a blog inspired by the book to collaborating on a new edition unfolds, showcasing the unexpected turns in Bob's leadership adventure.

As the conversation wraps up, Bob reflects on the impact of leading with questions, not just in his career but in shaping the perspectives of leaders worldwide. The podcast concludes with an invitation for listeners to share their thoughts and questions, fostering a sense of engagement and community.

Episode Minutes:  

4:00 - The Importance of Leadership Development

10:00 - The Power of Asking Questions

20:00 - The Impact of Leading with Questions

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