Unleashing the Power of Curiosity: How Bob Tiede Transforms Leadership with Questions Part Two

#leadership #podcast podcasts transformation Feb 02, 2024

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Does your organization have a culture of open communication? Today, during part two of my discussion with leadership expert Bob Tiede, he talks about the pathway to communicating and how leadership is not just about giving orders; it's about creating an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and engagement. One powerful tool in a leader's arsenal is the ability to lead with questions. Bob shares a simple yet effective technique to teach anyone to lead with questions in just 30 seconds.

Bob emphasizes the importance of regularly asking three fundamental questions inspired by the Gallup survey for engagement:

  • Do you have what you need?
  • Are you clear about what we've got?
  • Is there anything you need from me?

These questions form the basis of creating a culture of open communication and support within a team. Bob believes that incorporating these questions into weekly interactions can have a profound impact on engagement and productivity.

Moving on to the practical aspect of leading with questions, Bob introduces a quick and interactive method. He encourages us to learn to lead with questions. Here's how it works:

  • Pose the Challenge: Ask your, "Who here would like to learn to lead with questions in 30 seconds?" The response is usually unanimous.
  • Choose a Participant: Select a team member.
  • Introduce the Four Questions: 
    • What do you think?
    • What else?
    • What else?
    • What else?
  • The Challenge: Set a timer and ask them to memorize these questions within 30 seconds.

This exercise illustrates that leading with questions doesn't require a complex strategy or an extensive educational effort. It's about simplicity and consistency. The power lies in encouraging team members to share their thoughts and ideas without fear of judgment.

Bob explains that asking these questions strategically during a conversation can unveil valuable insights. When someone feels their input is respected and appreciated, they are more likely to share deeper, more meaningful thoughts.

In essence, leading with questions is about creating an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Bob's method, with its simplicity and effectiveness, empowers leaders to integrate this approach into their daily interactions, transforming the way teams communicate and collaborate.

Episode Minutes:  

5:00 -  The Gold Nugget Principle in Questions

8:00 -  The 8 Second Rule in Asking Questions

22:00 -  The Impact of Questions in Different Scenarios

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