Your CliftonStrengths are One of a Kind

activator Jan 18, 2021

Comparison robs our joy, yet that is what we tend to do to ourselves every day.  We think about where we are in relationship to others instead of focusing on our unique CliftonStrengths and what we bring to the world.

The problem is it is easier to look at the world externally instead of internally. The question we need to be asking our self is “What part of my life am I in control of?”  The answer is usually ourselves. Only our actions and attitude are in our control, so we must focus on those two things to keep our joy. This might sound easy, but it’s definitely a mind shift.

A page in The Strengths Journal titles "Identifying 'This is Me''
The Strengths Journal caters to your unique CliftonStrengths

You are 1 in 33 Million

That is where CliftonStrengths come in.  When I discovered my strengths through the CliftonStrengthfinder assessment, I began to really focus on what I could impact each day and learned over time to let go of the things I could not change.  According to Gallup, I learned I was one in thirty-three million that had my CliftonStrengths in my particular order. It was dawning on me that I needed to begin studying who I was so I could develop the talents within me and live out my purpose.  The statement “know who you are so you can grow where you are” became very clear to me as I intentionally set out to change my thinking and manage myself on my strengths and not my weaknesses.

Apply Your CliftonStrengths Daily with The Strengths Journal™

By understanding your strengths, you can use them every day to help you focus, achieve your goals, and impact what you can impact. This is where The Strengths Journal™ comes in. The Strengths Journal™ is a one-of-a-kind planner that allows you to take a strengths-based approach to each day.

The Strengths Journal™ will help you shift your focus internally each day by:

  1. Resetting each morning with a daily outcome
  2. Re-focusing on your strengths to accomplish your top three goals
  3. Reviewing your day and auditing yourself for conquering a fear or learning something new. 

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