The 101 of Career Transition

2023 career transition podcasts Jan 05, 2023

Gina Riley is an HR professional and an authority in career transition. She is the creator of the Career Velocity™ System to help leaders and executives effectively move into a role where they can create a legacy. With a Master's in Whole Systems Design, Gina is a certified YouMap® coach, an Executive Search consultant, and conducts Interview Skills and Talent Selection Training.


On episode 41 of the Dominate Your Day Podcast, Gina Riley defines the moving parts you need to learn and implement for a smoother career transition. How do you get in front of Hiring Managers and decision-makers to secure your next career move? “It is up to you to not be the world’s best-kept secret,” Gina says– matching your strengths, values, skills, motivators, and leadership traits to powerfully integrate your unique attributes into storytelling to land in every conversation or interview. That is the 101 to career transition.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Gina’s YouMap coaching approach to setting skills assessments and personal assessments.
  • How to cement relationships at work with a healthy network, internally and externally.
  • Career Transition 101: How do you talk about your strengths as uniquely as you only are?
  • Amplifying your career opportunities with the power of LinkedIn.

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Episode Overview: 

07:42 – As an HR professional, what does Gina see in the workplace contemporarily?

12:57 –  At work in junior or mid-senior roles, it’s hard to quantify your values or impacts. What else can you do? 

21:32 – Benchmarking your own values against your company’s espoused values. A clear cut method to excel at work.

Episode Links:

Gina Riley Website

The Strengths Journal

Dana Williams Co. Website

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