Motherhood to Mountaineering: An Interview with Jenn Drummond

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Motherhood to Mountaineering: An Interview with Jenn Drummond

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When was the last time you stood resilient to overcome a challenge? 

Welcome back to Dominate Your Day. Today, I introduce you to an extraordinary woman, Jenn Drummond. Jenn is not just an author, podcaster, and professional speaker, but also holds a unique story of survival, resilience, and achievement that is sure to inspire.

Jenn is a business owner and a dedicated mother to seven amazing children. Her life took a dramatic turn when she survived a horrific car crash in 2018. The accident, which should have taken her life, instead woke her up to the sacredness of life and the necessity to make the most of every moment. The catalyst for this was  a tragic event: a friend went out for a run, slipped, hit her head, and never came home. It was then that Jenn realized that while we don't get to choose when we die, we do get to choose how we live.

Surviving the accident prompted Jenn to reassess her life. She decided to break free from the constraints of her stay-at-home mom role and embark on something that truly excited her: mountaineering. 

Jenn then embarked on a remarkable journey, setting a world record as the first woman to climb the second highest peak on each of the seven continents. This journey was sparked by a conversation with one of her sons who challenged her to climb a 'real' mountain like Mount Everest. And so, she did. Jenn took on the challenge and, in the process, became an uphill athlete and an inspiration to her children.

Jenn's story is a testament to the power of resilience and the human spirit. It underlines the importance of not waiting for the 'right' time to pursue your dreams but seizing the moment and making it count. Her journey shows that every day is a gift and a chance to challenge ourselves, grow, and truly live. Extraordinary feats are possible, even amid ordinary life, and, as Jen puts it, the word 'and' can be your best friend in playing all the roles that life throws at you. If you have a dream, if you want to do something that excites you, now is the time. Embrace life, its challenges, and its opportunities, and, like Jenn, you may end up achieving something truly remarkable.

Episode Minutes: 

4:00 - Life changing event

12:00 - Climbing Mount Everest

23:00 -  Who we are as people is way more important than anything we will ever achieve

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